Probably the most compact and powerful vacuum membrane pump in its performance class

Compact, powerful, robust, durable
and authentic as always –
now also with touch-display screen
and external pressure sensor *

* Accessories

Tour to the Pilatus

The Vacu-Box VX3-T Touch is a quality product with an extremely compact design. In order to demonstrate that we have used the Vacu-Box VX3-T Touch in a setting where a laboratory pump would never normally be used. Strapped to a traditional cheese carrier, we have carried it on the back while climbing Mount Pilatus in the centre of Switzerland. Needless to say, the Vacu-Box VX3-T Touch still had its original weight of 12 kg.

The magical 7

1 Parallel/serial switching

In the Vacu-Box VX3-T Touch, the switchover from parallel to serial operation takes place automatically. This facilitates a greater volume of 5 m3/h as well as a good final vacuum of 5 mbar. Compared to conventional vacuum membrane pumps, this technology is unique.

2 Touch display

Gain a better overview thanks to the new touch display with 3.3" screen. The setpoint value in mbar can be entered using a bar function or the up/down keys. The operation is self-explanatory and user-friendly, featuring a flat hierarchy.

3 Compact design

Measuring 190 x 210 x 230 mm, the Vacu-Box VX3-T Touch is perhaps the most compact vacuum membrane pump in its performance class. And it only weighs 12 kg!

4 External pressure sensor

The external DKF-16 pressure sensor makes it possible to measure the vacuum directly at the recipient. It can be quickly and safely installed using an ISO KF16.

5 Low maintenance requirement

This vacuum membrane pump and its components are very long-lived and require low maintenance due to the high-quality materials used, such as Kalrez® and reinforced Teflon (reinforced with glass fibre). We provide a 5-year guaranty for the form membranes!

6 Very quiet in operation

Each individual Vacu-Box VX3-T Touch is balanced dynamically. We are motivated to carry out this additional step in production because of our love for detail. The result is a pump unit that is very quiet in operation.

Why not try for yourself and carry out the "20gerli" test! To do this, place a 20 rappen coin on its edge on the pump. The coin should stay upright during operation of the pump.

7 Unit will heat up slightly during continuous operation

Thanks to the low energy consumption and good venting during continuous operation, the Vacu-Box VX3-T Touch will not become more than hand-hot.

Technical data

Volume flow rate
120 l/min
Ultimate vacuum (absolute)
5 mbar
Number of heads
Control range
1…1200 mbar
1…200 mbar
Pressure measuring method
capazitiv (medium-devided ceramic sensor)
Max. control deviation
COM-Interface RS-232
Vacuum-/ Cooling water-/ 3-point-/ Invert for V-valve
230V, 50-60 Hz
Power rating
Sound level (DIN 45635)
49 dB (A) depending on the mode
IP class
Material with medium-contact
PTFE, FEP, Kalrez®
Dimension (LxHxD))
210 x 230 x 190 / 500 mm
12 kg


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